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Studies show that the effects of stress on the body’s ability to regulate inflammation can promote the development and progression of disease……

At a workplace, the Value of Diversity is indispensable!

​We offer a unique flavor of mindfulness workshops for your most valuable assets – your employees!

Japanese Nagomi Art Workshop

Using pastel, fingers together with simple yet unique techniques, anyone can create gentle, heart-touching and distinctive artwork. Destress in a joyful atmosphere, this workshop will take your through a self-satisfying journey where you will discover your creativity and uplift your emotions.

Mindful Calligraphy

Want to reconnect with your inner self, nourish serenity and self-awareness? Embark on a meditative experience that weaves breathing into the rhythmic of writing Chinese Calligraphy.  Immerse in the graceful movement of your hands and the sensation as the brush rubs against the paper. Let the slowness and tranquility rejuvenate your mind and heart.

Mindful Practice

Practicing mindfulness generates a clearer, refresh and tranquil state of mind to help us better manage our hectic life. From breathing, walking, stretching to tea drinking, reconnect with your heart and you health.

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Our Mindfulness Coach

Fiona, a seasoned airline/logistic profession,  is a certified Associate Instructor in Pastel Nagomi Art of Japan Pastel Hope  Art Association and have been practicing Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy since 2004. She has been exhibiting her work since 2015. She is also a Mindfulness Teacher who aims to promote right mindfulness through different means including drawing, Chinese calligraphy and mindful practices.

Incorporating art and mindfulness as tools in her engagement with clients, she aims to bring out the creative thinking of each person, harmonizing both our internal and external self, enhance self value and cultivate positive thinking in the community.

Fiona holds a Master Degree in Business Administration, Master Degree in Buddhist Studies and Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and is a graduate of the MTeacher program of Plum Village Mindfulness Academy.  ​

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