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Natural Healing

A holistic journey to reignite your Natural Healing power

Everyone is born as an integrated whole – your emotional wellbeing is bonded with your healthy lifestyle and your diet. Everyone is unique and that makes you beautiful and your life journey enjoyable! With stress, challenging environment and modern lifestyle, your body has slowly and gradually drifted away from your emotional wellbeing and the innate healing capability.

Are you struggling with PMS, Infertility, Menopause, Constipation or Sleep Issues?



100% of male will experience prostate health challenges at some point in their life.

Transform your Health, Transform your Life

Holistic Health Assessment followed by personalised herbal and lifestyle recommendations and/or CranioSacral treatments to support the physical and emotional healing journey. Every healing journey is unique to you and will be a life-time journey that will bring back joy and health to your life.


A holistic and natural approach to reignite your innate healing power – Take back control of your health and your life.

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你的腸道平均總面積就有2700平方呎大:在這空間內,身體不停的消化吸收營養,培植內在所需的腸道健康, 主宰著你的免疫系統嗎?



Eat Well. Live Well. Sleep Well.

Staying healthy is not only about diet, it’s about an entire lifestyle change.

The Three Pillars of Health are Sleep, Lifestyle and Diet. All three work cohesively to provide the needed nutrients (physical and psychological) for the best healing body and mind.

    “Peggie has shown her great effort and professionalism in analyzing the case and share her knowledge and advise along the treatment and that makes me feel very comfortable as I get to know more about my body…… I have no hesitation in recommending Peggie to anyone and as a matter of fact it is a blessing to find Peggie to help you. Get to know you body and recover your health naturally. Stay healthy!”

    Male Client with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
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