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Every corporation has employees who are health conscious and passionate about upgrading their health knowledge. You can empower and embrace them to be part of the healthy community – let healthy ideas bloom and let health-conscious employee become your valued asset. Embrace them with the tools and knowledge and your corporation will be nourished and be ready to take on new exciting endeavors.

​Like Leadership, Wellness is about Consistency, Not Intensity! Nourish and cherish the Employees like how you would reward yourself consistently!

    Develop Your In-House Health Ambassadors

    ​​Develop the health-conscious employees, Turn them into your corporate greatest asset in your enterprise!

    The Corporate Health Ambassador program focus on practicality and applicability in an enterprise environment and include:

    • Exclusive access to our health experts on a monthly basis. Continuity with professional advice is the Path to Success!
    • Checklists and Cheat Sheets will be provided for each of the module to support ambassadors.
    • Access to Corporate Health Mentorship for continual update of information.

    The Sweet Quest

    From the science of sugar, sugar derivatives to the frequently discussed Glycemic Index & Load, this workshop series develop in-depth with loaded advice for corporate diet and snacking.

    The Fat Secrets

    A crash and practical course on fat/lipid that equip you knowledge to advice on healthy snacks, banquet for celebrations to eat-out meals. Help your colleagues to choose oil, eat healthily fats to maximize the “Think Tank”!

    Sleep Routine

    From sleep hygiene, food for sleep and food for wakefulness. This is not about caffeine and sedatives, this is about the nutrition needed for a healthy and restful sleep. Your colleagues and your executives will be thankful for the practical advice!

    Focus and Vitality Path

    Enhancing Focus and Vitality in the Workplace today is what sets an enterprise apart from its competitors. Coffee is not the only option in an office. There are natural remedies and setup that can be embraced in an office.​

    Office Immunity

    Learning Office habits that lowers one’s Immune System can be most effective in preventing office absenteeism. Boosting immune in corporate environments create a closer bonding between and among teams!

      Mindfulness Practice

      In-depth Mindfulness Practice in various modalities keep you open and flexible! A Must-Practice if your corporate values focused decision making and planning!

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