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Your stress hormone will affect your estrogen, progesterone and many hormones that support your well-being!

Your body has been designed to operate in 2 basic modes: 1) Fight or Flight where you will need to be on High-Alert mode to get through the stressful situation; 2) Resting where your body have time to take care of the digestion, regenerative, rebuilding functions including all your reproductive functions. Your Endocrine System support this basic principle. In other words, when your body is at stress, energy and/or nutrients will be diverted away from the nourishment of your reproductive system. If you let this situation prevails, your reproductive system may become so deficient that it forgets about how it can pull itself together. This is when your Endocrine System cries for help!


Phytonutrients which exist naturally in plants holds an important key to your hormonal system. They can support elimination of metabolic wastes from breakdown of hormones, they can be the Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator that smartly support your hormonal balance without aggravating them, and they can enhance your adaptation to stress to take off stress on your endocrine system on an ongoing basis.

Through restoration of your endocrine system, you can benefit from:

  • Menstrual cycle free of cramps, pain, bloatedness, constipation, or emotional swings
  • Sporadic Hormonal shift causing hair loss, sleep issues, night sweats or cravings during various life stages
  • Hormonal balance enhancing fertility, minimizing risk of excessive hormonal exposure, and/or minimizing chances of obesity from hormonal factors

Speak to our Therapist to see how you can benefit with herbal therapy to enjoy womanhood happily and healthily!


One out of six couples are experiencing fertility challenges in Hong Kong and globally. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) or In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) are getting popular. Mother Nature has it all sorted out – conceive only when the body is ready and when we divert away from Mother Nature with either ART of IVF, hormonal levels become the only tools we have to monitor and adjust. Where in fact, the endocrine system of both parent-to-be are equally critical to conception of a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. Start your pregnancy planning today naturally and holistically!

Speak to our Therapist to see how you can benefit with herbal therapy to enjoy womanhood happily and healthily!

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