Ladies, want to know why your physical and mental conditions change when you reach a certain age? Is “Anti-Aging” too good to be true? Is “forever energetic & vibrant” mission impossible? To win the battle of aging, you must start befriending estrogen, one of the reproductive hormones. To help your body play the perfect orchestra, you want to facilitate how various hormones harmonize. We are constantly experiencing change – environmentally, physically and mentally and our hormones are constantly adapting to our needs. This is exactly the purpose of the “Hormonal Harmony Masterclass ” to show you how you can create your own “like” plan with your hormones that are crucial to your health and beauty.

The “Hormonal Harmony Masterclass ” series is comprised of eleven sessions to break through traditional understanding of estrogen and help you re-establish inextricable connections between your bestie (estrogen and related endocrine hormones) and modern chronic diseases. The course combines the latest research and covers all four complementing aspects of aging: from the conventional concept of individual nutrients to holistic nutrition that empowers the body’s synergy; integrating beliefs in diet, life and mind to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. You will learn how to maintain endocrine harmony in all aspects. Through the course, you will find your unique plan to combat aging and stay away from daunting chronic diseases.

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