Health Assessment

Health Assessment are for those of you with health challenges (in particular chronic illness) and would like to receive a holistic treatment.

Process in our Health Assessment service:

  • Initial assessment of 1-2 hours
  • A holistic therapeutic recommendation will be provided on diet, nutrition & lifestyle. Herbal remedies may be provided as part of the treatment protocol.
  • Follow up assessment(s) of 30-60 minutes can be arranged for review and adjustment of treatment protocols. Follow up assessments can be every fortnight or longer, varies as your healing journey progresses.
  • All assessments are recommended to be in-person.

Service fees:

  • 1+3 (Initial Assessment + 3 follow ups). This is an average treatment protocol. $1300
  • Initial Assessment $600
  • Follow up assessment $350
  • Herbal remedies are not included in the above service fees.


CranialSacral / Osteopathic Treatment

One-hour CranialSacral or Osteopathic Treatment sessions for chronic skeletal muscular pain / discomfort. Service fees:

  • Single Session $600
  • 5 Sessions for $2500

(Above are special promotional fees valid till Dec 31, 2018)

Nutrition / Health Advice

Nutrition / Health Advice are for those of you who are looking for general advices on diet, nutrition and lifestyle. It can also covers detoxification protocol advice.

Service Fees

  • Health advice over phone for 15-30 mins with email support. $150
All prices are quoted in HKD.