Every Female owns a Baby Room


With or without conception, the Baby Room goes through regular renovation and remodeling throughout the entire reproductive life. The regular remodeling requires co-ordination of many organs, glands and tissues. Any abnormalities during the remodeling can also be the source of endocrine or menstrual health challenges.

每個女生的 BB 房


每個女生都擁有一個獨特的BB 房,這房間不管有沒有孕育BB,都會在女生生殖期間不斷地給翻新,提供新的養份,務求隨時準備一個新生命的來臨,這房間的翻新工程牽涉身體不同組織的精密配合,也是女生每個月經期的背後機理,也是很多經期或荷爾蒙問題的根源。

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