Hormonal Harmony Masterclass 2024


A masterclass program designed for women aged 40-50+: Make your hormones work for you and step into a healthier future in 2024! Discover the key to sustainable well-being with my exclusive "Hormonal Harmony Masterclass". Are you: - tired of battling fatigue, weight gain, and mood swings? - struggling with hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, and declining vitality? Or - concerned about aging consequences physically and mentally? You have tried different things and yet you don’t think you have gotten to the root of the challenge or you are struggling to make them sustainable for you. Don't just treat the symptoms – join us and uncover the keys to lasting harmonious change. We'll empower you with evidence-based strategies and holistic approaches to address these challenges from the root, allowing you to experience true transformation and long-lasting well-being. A transformative journey from fear of aging to timeless well-being! A perfect match for your revitalization in 2024! Our Hormonal Harmony Masterclass has 11 sessions with 7 focus topics covering all healing aspects related to hormones going out of balance. Session Topics (focus topics marked with *): • Estrogen – a key enabler of body functions • Estrogen dominance • Cholesterol & Cardio health* • Bone & Muscular health* • Fat burning* • Cognition & Mental health* • Restful Sleep* • Fibroids & Nodules* • Menopausal transition* • Diet and Holistic Nutrition • Anti-Aging Lifestyle strategies In 11 sessions, you will learn: - The intertwining endocrine system and how it relates to your health challenges - Reading beyond your blood test report – the correlation that few physicians have told you - Make food and dieting choices that feed your endocrine health - How to keep yourself away from chronic health challenges, such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, thyroid issues, declining focus, concentration & energy - Self-assess and spot challenges before they show up in body checks and - Expand your resources in getting to your best shape and health in 2024! Become the endocrine expert in your circle! Make yourself glow and shine again! Learn with Peggie Zih, a Naturopath uniting herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, craniosacral therapy and wellbeing coaching, to understand everything you need to know about anti-aging. This is an online flexible course that you will get to learn with me over Zoom and get access to recorded sessions for review. Be ready to be the Master and register by Dec 19 to secure your early bird promotion. REGISTER via whatsapp: +852 62241473 or send us a DM. Course details: - Jan 2 – Apr 2 (Tue, 19:30 - 20:45 HKT), 11 sessions with breaks on Jan 16, Feb 28 & Mar 12) - Zoom live + recordings - Masterclass @ USD380/HKD3,000; Early bird: enrolment by Dec 19 @ USD290/HKD2,300; Companion price take an additional USD30 off – USD260/HKD2,050!