You worry about what’s ahead of you! What if …

What if you can break free from being worried continuously about your health risks and shift to a winning strategy!

This program is for you if you are:

  • Experiencing stress in navigating your battle against cancer,
  • Lost in making decisions about your health and life,
  • Coping with cancer and is keen to change from a coping to a winning strategy; or
  • Worried about the impact of your inherited cancer gene on your future health.

This coaching program can help you:

  • Obtain resources and information to support your decision-making process that is best for your future
  • Set up immediate and longer-term goals in winning, “Keep your eye on the prize”
  • Take control of winning the “battle” with clear action plans at every stage
  • Acquire wellbeing strategies and actions to get back to good health
  • Transform emotional issues (such as stress, depression, fear or guilt) to positive bonds for the mind-body connection

Mind-Body-Action is the THREE-WAY connection that nourishes you with renewed POWER!

This coaching program will not:

  • Advise on treatment options/medications.
  • Prescribe treatment protocols.

Typical Cancer Coaching Journey:

How to Join

Newly launched Cancer Warrior Coaching program at a special price of USD800 (or HKD 6,400) and you will get:

  • Emotional support to minimize stress and be supported through your journey
  • Cancer-specific nutritional and lifestyle support that you can implement and sustain to enhance your vitality
  • Access to resources, Clarity to your state of mind and body in making the best resources to work for you effectively, not to give up what you own but to rediscover who the new and better you will be

You will meet with our Coach for 8 sessions during the 3-4 months to achieve all of the above. Our Coach is a certified Nutritional Professional, Registered Herbalist and Registered Corporate Coach who co-creates sustainable wellbeing with you!

Wellbeing Guide

A Wellbeing Guide can be made available for your specific type of cancer to support your recovery or treatment. The Wellbeing Guide is developed by a Clinical Herbalist and a Holistic Nutrition Professional and focuses on dietary, nutritional and lifestyle tips in rebuilding your innate strength! Topics include How to choose between Organic, non-GMO or Raw food, What to Eat and How to Eat, When to Supplement and What Supplement, Get handy tips on moving around and exercise, Find Ways to get better Sleep etc. It is a compilation of resources from clinical experiences and evidence!

Schedule your obligation-free 30-Minute Call

If this program calls to you, reach out and arrange an initial call with our Coach. Click HERE to sign up.

You will be contacted within a week to arrange the initial call before having to commit to the program.

I can’t wait to support you in winning the challenge and become stronger and better!


About Your Coach

I am a Registered Corporate Coach (WABC) focusing on integrating wellbeing with the fulfillment of life. I am a Registered Herbalist in the United States (AHG), a certified Holistic Nutritional Professional (NANP) and a certified CranioSacral Therapist (UI). When I made my career shift from Hi-Tech Professional to Wellness practitioner, I feel strongly that “Everything in life is linked – Health, work and Life!” Natural and innate healing is my deep passion and it thrills me that coaching can be powerful in transforming your stress to contentment.  I am so excited that I can bring all these elements in this coaching program to help you awaken your force from within!

Peggie, MBA, RH, RCC, BCHN,CST-T @ Zenses in Health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?2020-12-29T10:26:27+08:00
  • ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines Coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
  • Traditionally, a cancer coach is an individual who has experienced cancer and provides support to cancer patients through their journey in seeking support and advice in formulating a healing plan. In recent years, cancer coaching has taken an expanded view. Life or health coaches offering cancer coaching take on a broader opportunistic landscape for the clients to reach for the desired outcome. According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), cancer coaching looks at the mind-body connection and its importance to the healing process integrating wellness mentally and physically. The increased need for an enhanced quality of life enables holistic coaching to fill this integrated role for the clients.
How long is this program?2020-11-06T20:02:37+08:00
  • The program is three months in duration and consists of 8 coaching sessions. During the 3 months, your coach will support establishing an overall goal that you would like to achieve, depending on your situation. In each session, you will create discrete steps in making solid progress to the overall goal. Those discrete steps or goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) making it invaluable to this critical stage of life. You will expect to take actions between sessions to help you along the journey. Being able to celebrate every step (no matter big or small) will be important to achieve what you want to achieve!
  • If you start your Program in 2020, you will receive a bonus follow-up session upon 1 month of completing the 8 sessions. You can use this session to help you with ad-hoc goals or get advice regarding your healthy living.
How is it delivered?2021-01-03T11:11:49+08:00
  • All coaching sessions will be conducted via video conference online. All conversations remain confidential and no recordings will be made without prior consent.
Why do I need coaching?2021-01-03T10:26:41+08:00
  • You hire a Coach when you feel overwhelmed. There appeared to be information overload from friends, survivors, social media, and the internet and you are lost. There seem to be many paths, but you won’t know where those paths lead until you tread on them. Time is too valuable to you and you want to make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones.
  • You hire a Coach not because you don’t know what to do, but because you want someone in your corner who has the experience, tools and skills to help you reach your health and wellness goals.
  • You hire a Coach when you feel overwhelmed, helpless or stuck. You hire a Coach when you feel alone or simply do not wish to burden your loved ones with your fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations.
  • You hire a Coach because you do not want to be in survival mode. You hire a Coach because you want to get through the process feeling stronger physically and mentally. You want to take back the active role of owning your wellness and life and want to find the best path that suits you, and only you!!
What NOT to expect during the coaching sessions?2021-01-03T11:06:03+08:00
  • The coaching sessions will not advise on your diagnosis and treatment. You have to consult your oncologist and medical support team for advice on diagnosis and treatment(s).
  • Your coach does not provide the solution. Remember that with health and life, principles are generic; solutions are NOT. What works for one person may not be appropriate for the other. How often do you hear health-related recommendations from friends or social media? How frequently you either have doubts or don’t think it applies or tried it and never worked? We believe that answers to a challenge/situation are unique to an individual and unique to your circumstances. Coaching will help you navigate through your beliefs, values, and situation to get to clearer thinking and options that will work for you, and only you, but nobody else!!
How can I benefit from this Coaching Program?2020-12-29T10:26:19+08:00
  • Life coaching creates empowerment in whatever is going on in your life and helps you be proactive, clear away angst and drama, and give you the tools to make healthy choices. When life coaching is integrated with wellness coaching, one can easily expect a multiplier effect on the benefits.
  • In a study published in The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in December 2009, 20 breast cancer survivors, seven prostate cancer survivors and three colorectal cancer survivors participated in six sessions of wellness coaching over a three-month period. Participants showed various improvements, including decreased depression and anxiety, increased physical activity, better motivation and a healthier diet.
  • Other studies have indicated that coaches can help patients communicate better with their doctors about pain issues, among other healthy behavior changes. And these positive changes were sustained more than a year later.
At what stage is best for me to join the program?2020-12-29T10:26:08+08:00
  • At every stage, you may have different sets of worries, goals that you want to take up and achieve. You will find great benefits at all stages.
How is the Wellbeing Guide delivered?2021-01-03T11:12:41+08:00
  • The Wellbeing Guide will be delivered as a pdf document. The document is only for your reference. Zenses in Health owns the guide’s copyright and you are not allowed to share without obtaining prior consent.
Can I sign up for an individual session?2021-01-03T11:20:16+08:00
  • We do not offer individual coaching sessions as most people find a stronger trust and deepening relationship as the program unfolds. We offer a one-month program option at the price of USD250 (or HKD2,000) for three coaching sessions. You will still get the Wellbeing Guide when you sign up for the one-month program. We offer a completely obligation-free 30-minute coaching session to help you to assess if this will be the right step for you. Sign up HERE.
Can I get a refund if I discontinue the program?2021-01-22T15:38:37+08:00
  • If you decide that you want to discontinue the program after 3 coaching sessions, we can arrange a partial refund. We provide a refund of up to USD300 depending on the number of coaching sessions remaining.
Can I get the Wellbeing Guide without joining the program?2021-01-03T11:21:22+08:00
  • We do not sell the Wellbeing Guide on its own at the moment. We believe a supported journey is most important than information. Hence, the Wellbeing Guide is a bonus when you sign up for the program. Along with the guide, we offer a free session to discuss the guide’s specific adaptability to your situation.
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