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Personalized Well-being Program

Personalized Well-being Program aims to take your well-being to a renewed level! Your 3-month program will encompass:

  • Initial assessment: this will be a 1.5-hour online session over Zoom. We will go through your medical history, your diet, and your lifestyle and determine your well-being goal for the 3 months. For some people, this may take more than 1 session. To prepare for this session, please send in your latest body check report, including medical diagnosis, medications, and supplements that you are on at least 2 days before your session (if available).
  • Once the well-being goal has been established, the next couple of sessions will focus on working out a routine that will support and march toward your well-being goal. That could include diet and nutrition, exercise/activities, and lifestyle. To make it practical, we will take an incremental approach, you will receive an initial protocol to get you started and we will review and adjust every 2-3 weeks.
  • Depending on the assessment, herbs might be prescribed. Your therapist will discuss options with you during the first month.
  • The well-being program is set to help you achieve the well-being goal that we set out as achievable and realistic for the duration of the program.
  • A healing journey starts with your heart! Our body knows what is the best for us! Your commitment to support your body is critical to this life-long journey. As a therapist, I will offer my best to support your healing journey.

Program Details

I am currently on medication. What will the program offer?2024-02-05T14:48:07+08:00

A holistic and complimentary protocol to well-being. Medication focuses on a disease/symptom, rarely on the underlying health challenges. Only when you are ready to transform your well-being with changes in lifestyle, diet, nutrition and thought patterns.

I have gone through your detox program. Does that cover most of what this program is about?2024-02-05T14:48:57+08:00

Lifestyle, diet and nutrition during detox are for enhancing metabolic pathways and liver detox mechanisms.

Personalized well-being program supports you as an individual with your chronic health challenges in mind. If you have experienced the detox program, you would feel more connected to your well-being/health and could deepen the discovery and healing journey.

Three months can solve my health problems. Is that correct?2024-02-05T14:49:35+08:00

An important step in this program is to establish the well-being goal that you would like to get to upon completion of the program. This goal is co-designed by you and me so it is realistic and achievable! A protocol that does nothing is worth nothing! A protocol that is not practical is worth nothing! Your commitment to cultivating your well-being follows your desire to reconnect with your well-being.

You will, for sure, develop a sustainable lifestyle that you experienced during the program and be able to make informed choices upon completion of the program.

An optional Maintenance program is available upon completion of the 3-month program. This will be one-third of the investment and targets to keep you on track and call for minor adjustments as life /well-being shifts.

How often do we meet during the program?2024-02-05T14:50:37+08:00

All meetings are held online. Apart from the initial meetings which would likely be over 1 hour, subsequent meetings will be 30-45 mins and the meeting intervals are determined to support you in reaching your goals. Expect meeting every 2-3 weeks with your therapist.

How much time do I need to spend on this program (I am really busy)?2024-02-05T14:51:34+08:00

Sometimes our well-being does not support our busy lives or vice versa. It is what we would like to get at the end of the day. When well-being becomes an urgent situation, we have very limited choices (review the session on Cardiovascular Health as an example). And you have ONLY ONE body and ONE life. That’s why the program calls for Connect-Commit-Cultivate!

I am worried that my social life will be affected adversely if I have to start eating clean. I can’t do that!2024-02-05T14:52:21+08:00

The program recognizes the importance of balance and flexibility. Developing individual strategies that are realistic and beneficial to you is the objective of the program. Throughout the program, you will be educated on the what, how, why and when, this is to empower you to make informed choices in life.

“I can’t do that!” or “I simply can’t do it!” crossed our minds often. “What is it that you can do?” or “What is it that you can explore?” This is what this program is about.

Your Therapist – Peggie Zih (RH, MNHAA, HCNP, CST-T, RCC)

As a multi-disciplinary professional with expertise in Clinical Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition, CranioSacral Therapy, and Well-being Coaching, I am dedicated to empowering individuals facing hormonal imbalances, and chronic health challenges, and navigating the complexities of cancer. With personalized care and evidence-based approaches, I strive to restore balance, optimize well-being, and guide clients toward a healthier, more vibrant, and stress-optimized life.

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