Tea Meditation


Submerge in the relaxing experience through our six senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and mind. Our Tea Meditation is a joyful tea drinking session to nourish the seeds of peace and calm within us. A unique organic herbal tea blend formulated by our herbalist for every session.

Mindful Practice


Mindfulness is an attitude of living that we lost as we allow our stressful life to take over our mind-body connection. From breathing, exercising, eating, walking to thinking, regular practices of mindfulness will reconnect your mind and your body. "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mistery. Only Today is the Present - that's why they call

Mindful Calligraphy


Want to reconnect with your inner self, nourish serenity and self-awareness? Embark on a meditative experience that weaves breathing into the rhythmic of writing Chinese Calligraphy.  Immerse in the graceful movement of your hands and the sensation as the brush rubs against the paper. Let the slowness and tranquility rejuvenate your mind and heart.

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