Hormonal Harmony Masterclass

The key to unlock beauty, energy and secrets to estrogen challenges.

Natural Hormonal Harmony

Many women are struggling with discomfort, symptoms, or diseases that cannot be answered by conventional medical approaches. Answers to the missing links lie in getting to the root causes of the dysfunctions, not Aging!

Natural Hormonal Harmony

Myths in fortified foods, estrogenic foods, and superfoods coupled with the desire for magic bullets to keep going and keep pushing ourselves to play hard, work hard, and ignore the foundations of dynamic balance in life.

Natural Hormonal Harmony

Endocrine health (your blood sugar, body fat, blood pressure, hunger, stress, etc.) is the orchestration of you’re your body’s hormonal functions. Learn about this amazing orchestra starting from knowing your estrogen.
內分泌健康(血糖、體脂、血壓、胃口、壓力等)是您身體荷爾蒙功能的精密協調。 從了解你的雌激素開始去了解專屬妳的身體協奏曲。

7 Focus Topics

Presented by holistic & clinical expert

38 Lessons

Covering every aspect you need

15+ Hours

Self-paced, Bite-size Wisdom

『女性魅力解碼』Hormonal Harmony Masterclass

US$380 / HKD 2,950 / AUD 600

Is this “Hormonal Harmony Masterclass” for me? 


  • 肚腩脂肪要搣甩邊有咁易
  • 有子宮肌瘤就要戒豆類製品唔係就等更年期到
  • 認知障礙好似遲早都會輪到我
  • 因乜解究更年期後都話會有乳癌
  • 潮熱,盜汗,真係有啲驚,係咪要開始『寧心xxx』


  • 食高鈣食物或補充劑預防骨質疏鬆最有效
  • 越瞓越少,越瞓越早醒,放假補眠補番數
  • 肌肉流失要多食肉補充蛋白質
  • 營養補充劑食齊嗮就一定有幫助
  • 有腦霧就一定關長新冠事
  • 夜晚要起身去廁所好平常
  • 減肥用16-8 或 生酮飲食 (keto) 就包得
  • 食好嘢唔駛驚,因為有『解藥』 (如降膽固醇藥,類固醇, 解酒飲) 咁即係ok 啦

The Hormonal Harmony Masterclass will take a deep dive into the anti-aging hormone “estrogen” and unfold its hormonal and neurohormonal implications. And you will get to the bottom of these “beliefs” and “struggles”!


Here’s What You’ll Learn

Module 1 – Estrogen at the Core 女性魅力重心

  • How hormones and estrogen work
  • Estrogen within and beyond reproduction
  • Estrogen and collaboration in the body

Module 2 – Estrogen Imbalance 女性荷爾蒙失衡關鍵

  • How hormonal imbalance gets started
  • What are “Estrogen-like” compounds and their effect on hormonal balance
  • Sources and safety level of Xenoestrogens

Module 3 – Cardiovascular Health 血脂血管

  • Cardiovascular Health Challenges Overview
  • Role of Estrogen in Cardiovascular Health
  • Truth in preventing CVD

Module 4 – Musculoskeletal Health 骨骼肌肉柔韌力度

  • Bone health and Osteoporosis
  • Calcium paradox – is supplementation the answer?
  • Muscle health and Sarcopenia
  • Routine to renewed Musculoskeletal health

Module 5 – Fat Burning and Metabolism 脂肪燃燒

  • How hormones contribute to fat-burning 
  • Beyond BMI for holistic assessment
  • Fat burning dieting and nutrition – myths and tips

Module 6 – Mental Wellness 精靈情緒記憶力

  • Basics of Neurodegeneration
  • Cognition decline, Alzheimer’s disease – Aging, genetic or ?
  • Emotional wellness
  • Preventation & Remedial Approach

Module 7 – Restful Sleep 睡眠好眠

  • Circadian Rhythm
  • Sleep disruptions and possible causes
  • Better Sleep 1-2-3

Module 8 – Fibroids and Nodules 肌瘤囊腫

  • Relationship of Fibroids/Nodules to hormones
  • Estrogen Receptors – Advance level
  • Phytoestrogen
  • Beyond Phytoestrogen

Module 9 – Menopause Transition 更年期過渡

  • Menopausal symptoms and transition
  • Thyroid health & Menopause
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Life Stage adaptation

Module 10 – Holistic Diet & Nutrition 整全營養飲食秘笈

  • Nutrition and genes
  • The Perfect Diet – “Your” perfect diet
  • Supplements – which ones?
  • Putting your perfect diet into practice

Module 11 – Lifestyle Strategy 心晴生活逆齡秘笈

  • The Six aspects of holistic lifestyle
  • Wheel of Well-being
  • Resources to support your well-being

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Our Instructor

Hi, I am Peggie

Holistic Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritional Professional

I created this course with a vision that every woman, myself included, can own her well-being and age medication-free. We only need to know the why and the how: Modern society has pushed us to believe in marketing, aging with disabilities (physical, physiological and mental) and most importantly, our reproductive hormones are only for reproduction or for tumors.

Live your future life with vitality, and contentedness and live every single day to create your future well-being.

Embrace Hormonal Harmony at all life stages!