Sep 11, 2018 (Tue)

Your best lived secret of beautiful skin lives in your digestive tract. This herbal health workshop will lead you to the root cause of your acne, skin rashes or skin sensitivity. You will learn the connection of each of these bothering symptoms to the digestion and assimilation of the nutrients.  You will learn how to use some of the magical herbs like artichoke leaf, saraparilla, amalaki etc. Time to get back to your glowing skin!

  • Understand the relationship between various skin challenges and digestive issues
  • Recognize the keys to reversal of skin aging
  • Learn natural and practical tips for sustainable flawless skin

Speaker: Peggie Zih, Registered Clinical Herbalist & Certified Naturopath (AHG, NHAA, ANMCB). Peggie has extensive clinical experiences in herbal and nutritional therapies.

​*Special skin relaxing breathing session will be led by Plum Village AIAB Certified Mindfulness Teacher.


  • Time: 6:30-8:00pm
  • Location: The Hive, 16/F, 2p Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town
  • Price: $100 (Hive Members Free)
  • Registration:

​Other Workshops

Sep 05, 2018 (Wed)

源自最原始最純淨無添加的天然護膚品莫過於您的胃腸道。知道不同類型暗瘡的罪魁禍首嗎?皮膚敏感的始作俑者又是誰?有人告訴您這都和您的腸道健康有關嗎?草本中有朝鮮薊 (artichoke leaf),土當歸 (saraparilla),由甘子 (amalaki) 等等全是好幫手,想認識各種草本既改善腸道健康,又可幫助皮膚消炎,讓您遠離暗瘡,逆轉肌齡的好機會。

  • 拆解各種皮膚問題與腸道的密切關係
  • 認清逆轉肌齡的秘密
  • 學懂簡單天然實用的草本回復腸道健康與皮膚晶瑩剔透

主講:Peggie Zih, 美國及澳洲註冊草本治療師及認證自然療法治療師 (AHG, NHAA, ANMCB),擁有多年臨床經驗。

* 同場邀請到梅村正念學院認證正念導師,讓您可體驗簡單豐盛的呼吸法。


  • 時間:晚上7-9時
  • 地點:The Hive (上環禧利街33-35號)
  • 費用:$250 (8月5號前報名:每位$170, 二人同行每位$140)
  • 報名鏈接 
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