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The biggest killer worldwide among executives, accounting for over 60% of Medicare costs and death is heart attacks. According to Dr. Walter Willet, Profession of Harvard School of Public Health, about 82% of heart attacks can be prevented with right dietary choice and a healthy lifestyle. Focus on the critical factors, Role Model a healthy routine shows you how much you care about the well-beings of yourself and your employees. Embrace your executives with quick health tips and show them the strategy to make it sustainable, like any Corporate Strategy!

Like Leadership, Wellness is about Consistency, Not Intensity! Nourish and cherish the Employees like how you would reward yourself consistently!

    Top 20 Healthy Living Tips

    Practical top tips in healthy living covers diet, lifestyle, and mental aspect delivered in 30 minutes. Best use of your Executives’ time and Highest ROI (Return on Investment)!

    Heart-to-Exec Relationship

    Integrated health management of cardiovascular health goes beyond the Low-Fat, Low-Sugar, Less-Meat Diet. The Right Nutrition is crucial for the heart draining corporate stress.

      Personal Health Coaching

      Online and/or in-person coaching sessions for your executives. A personalized natural health program can be developed. The best part is Medication Free and Nature Friendly!!

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