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步行不慬把我們帶到目的地. 更能為身心滋養正能量、減壓或單純地享受當下,靜心歩行X花草茶帶大家輕鬆地『行』一轉洗刷身心的旅程。


生活也許充斥着大大小小煩瑣的事情,往往令思緒停留在不能改變的往事或未知的將來,而忽略當下活着的好。 “靜心行”將步伐融於呼吸間, 把注意力帶到腳掌接觸地的那一瞬間。用簡單的方法, 重新讓身心連結. 感受身體微妙的變化。從而達至放輕,放鬆,放下,又或純粹的享受每一步、每個呼吸、每刻活著的時光。

“Walk” to Heal

Walking could be much more than bringing us from one place to another. With the right approach, it could generate the energy of peace, help us de-stress and touch the wonders of life! Join our Mindful Walking x Herbal Tea Workshop to freshen the body with fragrant herbal tea and uncluttered the mind through practicing mindful walking.

Mindful walking is one of the wonderful ways to restore inner peace is to practice mindful walking.  By combining our breath with our steps, the slow walking motion allows us to reconnect with the sensations and feelings of our body with the surroundings.  Fiona will take us through the simple yet effective way to unwind,  calm down the agitated mind, nourish positive energy or simply to dwell in the joy of being alive through walking.