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奧妙的造物者為所有準父母提供了最完美的自然受孕方法 – 當時機成熟時,最好的卵子會遇到最健康的精子!事實上,高達 85%的夫妻在嘗試一年內可以成功懷孕。除了成孕,讓 BB 房(雌性性腺器官)成為孕育胎兒的最佳環境也需要準父母在受孕前為自己的身心健康做出承諾及實踐。

(每位 $250 ; 伴侶/閨蜜二人同行優惠價每位 $150)

Mother Nature offers the best solution for conception – the best egg are met with the healthiest sperm when the timing is right! 85% of couples will conceive a child within a year of trying. Getting the baby room (the female gonadal organs) to be ready for the beautiful fetus requires a commitment to the physical and mental health of both parents well in advance of conception. Join us for a session for planning for this lifetime change to your family.
The workshop will be delivered jointly by a clinical herbalist, nutrition professional and a Creighton Model FertilityCare(TM) System Practitioner.