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Holistic Health Workshop is the reward for your most valuable assets – Your Employees! Help your employees to excel at a personal health level. Support your employees to live a nutritious work life. Encourage and Build the Confidence from all levels!

Like Leadership, Wellness is about Consistency, Not Intensity! Nourish and cherish the Employees like how you would reward yourself consistently!

    Restful Sleep

    Getting sleep is one thing, Getting Restful Sleep is a whole new paradigm. Restful sleep is when your body replenishes itself. Food and nutrients are critical to make this Seamless from day-to-day.​

    Abundance Energy

    Energy is at the core of Focus and Clarity at Work. Energy should keep you going  without draining it at the end of day.  Diet and office tips can keep it at the right level.

    Read Your Own Health

    Every Individual’s body is unique at the moment. Simple tools and observation are available for you to be your own health checker. It frees you from your worry and guesses.

    Wisdom in Everyday Diet

    Eating Out and Eating Quick is your normal routine. Eating Smart for frequent diners sets you apart from those suffering from chronic health challenges.

    Detox or Detoxification

    Detoxification happens in the body on a daily basis. Detox can be supporting in the modern day work life. Detox in the office have DOs and DONTs for maximal results.

    Weight Management

    Leave behind your calorie counter, Learn about the smart food and snack choices for staying in shape and fit at work! “Feed your brain without adding to the waistline!”

    CranioSacral De-Stress

    Take time to enjoy a 20-minute de-stress CranioSacral therapy session. The soft touch harmonizes the body’s stressful rhythm. It brings focus during the stressful workday and restful sleep at night.

      Mindfulness Practice

      Fueling your mind yet keep your mind free of clutter. Switching from one thing to another yet keep your mind focus. Mindfulness practice regularly equip you with the inner tranquility for your hectic life.

      Health Screening Event

      In addition to Holistic Health workshop, Zenses in Health also run natural health screening at Corporate Wellness event.

      Feature Posts

      Every Female owns a Baby Room


      With or without conception, the Baby Room goes through regular renovation and remodeling throughout the entire reproductive life. The regular remodeling requires co-ordination of many organs, glands and tissues. Any abnormalities during the remodeling can also be the source of endocrine or menstrual health challenges.

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