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Spring Detox Kit for 2021 is now available for pre-order. Save HKD200 when you order on or before Mar 10 (Wed). Your kit will be available in March.


為期大慨六星期的春季排毒可以在3月初開展,今年大家都減少外遊,多留家煮食,正好可以好好的為自己身體做一次斷捨離。預購優惠由今天開始至3月10日,一套6星期的排毒草本 $1,650,第一次斷捨離的更可以優惠價與草本治療師進行一次30分鐘諮詢。3月10日後購買套裝價 $1,850,首次30分鐘諮詢為 $300。把握這個黃金季節為自己做一次內在斷捨離。


不適合排毒時間 Timing not suitable for deto2021-02-28T09:16:39+08:00
  • 最後2星期的肝腎排毒建議避開女生生理週期的首2天(或流量偏多的日子)。
  • Plan your detox timeline so that the last two weeks of your detox do not coincide with your first couple of days of your menstrual cycle (or the number of days when you usually experience heavy flow).
  • 最後2星期的肝腎排毒如配合適當飲食,效果更好,所以應避免在需要出外公幹時或連續特別節日作肝腎排毒。
  • The last two weeks of the detox program require better planning on diet and lifestyle. Plan your detox timeline so that the last two weeks of your detox do not coincide with travels.
  • 壓力會使肝臟腸道加添壓力,所以排毒時應盡量安排在較輕鬆時段。
  • Stress is the enemy during detox – plan your detox to not coincide with your hectic periods at work or life.
排毒反應 Healing Response2021-02-28T09:14:42+08:00
  • 排毒反應因人而異,有機會出現輕至中度曾受困擾的問題,如容易頭痛的朋友會在排毒期產生輕至中度痛感,有濕疹朋友有機會發疹,這些都是身體處理代謝物或化學物的過程,如困擾嚴重,建議先停止,聯絡我們。要獲得最好效果,建議第一次參加朋友利用與治療師諮詢過程盡量了解計劃。
  • Response during the detoxification program varies with individuals. If you have chronic health challenges (such as headaches or eczema), you may experience slight to moderate response during any time of the program. This happens when wastes and toxins are being eliminated. When you experience a severe reaction, it is recommended to suspend the program and consult us. If this is the first time you will be going through a detox program, we highly recommend taking out a special offer 30-minute consultation with our Therapist to plan for your detox.
排毒所需時間 How long does detox take?2021-02-28T09:14:50+08:00
  • 6星期的排毒計劃針對沒有特別腸道問題,如果有任何恆常便秘(即沒有每天排便習慣),腸胃敏感,糖尿,嚴重敏感,或肝纖維化或肝硬化,或有膽石,腎石,排毒時段可能會稍長,如有以上問題,請與我們聯繫,以安排一次30分鐘特別優惠諮詢。
  • The standard detox program takes about 6 weeks. If you have any intestinal issues, especially constipation (that bowel movement is not a daily habit), IBS/IBD, diabetes, allergies, liver fibrosis or cirrhosis, gallbladder stone, kidney stone, your detox program may take longer. If you have any of the above health challenges, we highly recommend you take out a special offer 30-minute consultation with our Therapist to plan for your detox.
  • 6星期的排毒計劃包括所需草本補充劑,建議飲食清單(需自行購買),前3星期的腸道調整期因人而異,如有腸胃問題有機會需要更多時間建立腸道蠕動(因這計劃不會引致泄瀉,不會產生脫水現象),所需額外草本補充品另費,之後3星期的深層腸道及肝腎排毒時間長短相對穩定。
  • The standard 6-week detox program includes all the herbal supplements, dietary protocol and recommendations (self-purchase). The first three weeks of the program focuses on bowel regulation and hence varies between individuals. This program will not cause diarrhea and aim at healthily supporting your intestinal movement. If you need longer than three weeks for this stage, you can purchase additional herbal supplements from us. The last three weeks of the program are standard for everyone.
什麼人不適合排毒?Who cannot detox?2021-02-28T09:14:58+08:00
  • 大病初愈或剛完成癌症療程,身體處於極度需要重建階段,能量不足,這階段更適合多進食高營養,易消化幫助身體吸收,當身體能力續漸恢復時,才作適合排毒效果更理想。
  • If you have just completed cancer treatment or recovering from major surgeries, your body needs to switch from a catabolic to an anabolic state. It is best to nourish your body and mind during this period with nutritious and easy digestion diets. Once you get back on the anabolic state, then you can detox to get optimal results.
  • 懷孕期不適宜排毒。反而對準備懷孕的父母在懷孕前為雙方身體好好的做一次斷捨離,幫助分解囤積荷爾蒙及代謝化學物,更有利於建立一個適合胚胎著床的環境,最好是預留3個月時間。
  • Detox is not suitable during pregnancy. If you are working or planning on getting pregnant, then detox for the parents will be ideal. Detox can help the body effectively process metabolic wastes (hormones from metabolic pathways included) and chemicals. A better environment can be ready for the conception, implantation and growth of the new life. Detox is recommended at least three months before conception.
  • 身體虛弱人士不適宜排毒。像斷捨離需要精力去處理囤積收藏物,排毒同樣需要身體的協助。如身體虛弱,建議多進食幫助肝臟建立良好生化代謝鏈作為輕度手段。
  • If you are weak and depleted, highly stressed, you need to rest and relax before the detox. As detox involves effectively processing wastes and toxins, it requires energy. When you are resting and relaxing, it is recommended to include sulfur-rich foods in your diet to support the daily detoxification first before you consider a full detox program.
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