Study finds that the top health challenges for corporate employees include diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, insomnia.

“In healthcare, Hi-Tech and Bio-Tech is only part of the passive solution. To own a healthy living, not just years in chronic despair, we need to take back the control and help our body to reignite the innate healing power now!”, says Peggie, Registered Herbalist and Holistic Nutrition Professional.

Employees need an executable and sustainable healthy diet and lifestyle and only with the RIGHT holistic health wisdom, we can win in this big data of health and diet information!

Holistic Health Workshop 

Focused health topics from Wisdom in Everyday Diet, Restful Sleep, Eating for Energy, Detox or Detoxification to Mindfulness Practice. We bridge the gap between healthcare and stressful work life!

Health Ambassador

Embrace and Empower Health Ambassadors within your company / department to lead the health of your employees.
A Six-Module Three-Month Program to reward your Health-Conscious Employee.

Executive Wellness

Stress-free Diet, Top Daily Health Tips for the Busy Executives covering Diet, Lifestyle and Mind-Connection.
The Indispensable tools for your management and/or focused development.​

Why Zenses in Health?

Zenses in Health is founded by Peggie Zih, a High Tech Architect who had devised tech-based health solutions for corporates and communities, as well as big data health platforms. Peggie is also a Qualified natural healthcare professional (Registered Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Professional, and Naturopath). During her IT career, she realized natural healing is deeply rooted in everyone’s body, and only consistent natural means can be the answer to today’s health challenges! She developed this game-changing Corporate Wellness Program offering new hope to the health of corporate employees! She had been invited to speak at Regional Health Conference and Events as well as Multi-national Corporations in Retail, Healthcare, Financial and Hi-Tech industries.

Zenses in Health brings together a team of professional and corporate focused holistic consultants and practitioners in integrating holistic health practically for Corporations – A synergistic mix of diet, herbs, lifestyle and reaches from physiological to psychological well-being!