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Corporate Wellbeing is becoming indispensable in Organizations

Corporate wellness supports and promotes the wellness of employees through health screening, wellness activities and training. Leadership programs support the development of employees in enabling growth and leadership. The boundary between work-life balance reaches its blurry state – health, work and life can no longer be addressed separately. Corporate Wellbeing allows integration of the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of high-value employees. It is the sustainable strategy for your organization to be successful and for your people to be successful and fulfilling, on and off work.

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Wellness Workshop

Carefully crafted workshops to empower your employees to own their wellbeing on and off work.

“What to Eat – How to Move – How to Rest”

Mindfulness Practice

Research has shown that employees who practice mindfulness have higher levels of well-being through improved emotional resilience, better work-life balance, and higher job performance ratings.


Health Consultation

35% of professional employees struggle with mental health issues. People with unhealthy eating habits are 66% more likely to demonstrate poor productivity. A customized and adaptable protocol gets you a head start.


Fulfillment Coaching

Employee engagement and fulfilment lead to the success of your organization.  It also start with discovering the “BEing” before embarking on the “DOing” to accomplish the results.


Wellness Workshop

I have tried many things suggested to me over the years. What else can I do to reverse my health challenges?

Headaches / Migraines, Mental Health issues and Poor nutrition top the charts underlying presenteeism. Work-life boundaries have reached heightened levels of blurriness. A healthy lifestyle becomes necessary to buffer employees against the detrimental effects of blurred work-life boundaries and emotional exhaustion on happiness. Sustainable health-promoting behaviors are far from sufficient on an individual level. Shared responsibility between employers and employees becomes vital to de-stress, un-learn and re-nourish to cherish a pain-free, stress adaptable and balanced lifestyle. From work to family, we offer workshops on topics like:

  • Healthy Gut, Restful Sleep, Weight Management
  • Cognition and Aging, Parenting support, Immune Boost
  • Nutrition of Mental Wellbeing, Brainpower, Pain-free lifestyle
  • Etc..

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Mindfulness Practice

Can someone just read my email before jumping on it? It is so hard to get people’s attention and focus, myself included.

Bring self-awareness through reconnecting with your inner self, nourish serenity. Reconnection can be very achieved with mindful practices. Our mindful practices bring a unique combination of art, culture, joy and calmness to your search for tranquility and fearlessness. Every session is a joyful experience that rejuvenates your mind and heart. Through the unique experience to inner peace, you can see things clearer and grow personally and professionally. Choose from our mindfulness practices:

  • Walking, Stretching, Meditation,
  • Chinese Calligraphy, Nagomi Pastel Art Drawing, or
  • Herbal Tea, Mindful Eating.

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Health Consultation

My body check shows that I am doing ok, yet I am not feeling well. Can someone explain to me why I am not feeling well from time to time? Is that something I should worry about? Is there anything I can do?

Acute or chronic pain, sleep, hormonal imbalance-related symptoms, chronic fatigue, craving, excess body fat, never-ending skin challenges and there appears to be no generic solution. What is my constitution and how can I change my diet that is practicable given my hectic work life? What can I do that does not cost me a fortune?

Wellness consultation starts with establishing a holistic picture of your health, considering your medical history and lifestyle. We go beyond the blood tests (if available) and look at indicators for optimal health. An intake questionnaire will be provided prior to the initial consultation. We provide a personalized diet and lifestyle protocol. Follow-up sessions focus on gradual adjustment to achieve your goal in wellness.

All wellness consultations are conducted by our clinical herbalist and holistic nutrition professional who has been in clinical practice for over 10 years.

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Fulfilment Coaching

These endless work hours and duties are draining my energy. Will there be an end to it? What will my future be like if I continue like this?

Unmet expectations, unfulfilled aspirations, Unclear directions in life, uncomfortable relationships all are taxing your wellbeing. Discover your values, beliefs and the vast resources that you have lost contact with. Have a Dream, big or small! BE someone who can enable you to DO things that get you what you want to HAVE in life.

We offer one-off coaching sessions for a quick challenge at hand or extensive coaching programs to support developing the best talents within your organization.

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Get ONE free coaching session. Contact us now.

“Through her insightful and thought-provoking questions, I became clearer on my goals and identified the resources I have and actions I could take to make these happen. And the heartfelt connection I had with her during the sessions was very inspiring. It’s easy to become motivated and encouraged when you can sense that Peggie cares about you and your success. Since our sessions, I’ve implemented the ideas that I discovered with her, and these changes have greatly impacted my life in helping me accomplish goals and to even have less stress about some of them.”

Tracey Kamm

…By the end of our sessions, I emerged with clarity around my career, and even excitement about it, and so much more confidence than I expected.

Peggie is truly an extraordinary coach. I loved how she tailored her coaching to the style that worked best for me. She is truly present with her clients and listens deeply. She picked up and reflected back to me things I couldn’t see for myself but really needed to hear. The insights I gleaned from our time together have helped me see my way forward….

I recommend life coaching with Peggie for anyone searching for healing, clarity, and direction in any area of life….

Andrea Garcia


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