What do you want to achieve in your Life Journey?

A life with a purpose enables you to cruise through your days feeling energized and contended. A life with a fulfilled purpose makes you wake up every day with a big smile! What is the blue sky for you? Have you struggled to get to your blue sky or are you feeling lonely in the pursuit of your destiny?

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You struggled to find the right path, you strived to meet expectations or you are simply confused. You are at crossroads between dream and reality! How about trekking on a clear path out, feeling excited and ready?!


1 in every 2-3 people has a lifetime risk of developing cancer. Fighting cancer is beyond physiological. Your mental wellbeing will be your fuel to renewed life force, both physiologically and psychologically.



35% of professional employees struggle with mental health issues. COVID-19 has made this worse! Do you know that a healthy gut and/or healthy esteem can support your emotional health?


Be Better Video Series

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Gen Z Coaching

You are at crossroads of making decisions – your next academic path, your career, your next stop in life or you have ventured on a road that you feel foggy. Discovering your true self, discerning noises in life, and making best use of your potentials is important to you! Getting a crystal ball in life is the best you can hope to get peace of mind.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Confused about your purpose in life
  • Experiencing slow progress towards your goal, feeling burdened with reality,
  • Feeling the urge to make decisions yesterday and yet afraid of making wrong decisions.

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 Cancer Warrior Coaching

You worry about what’s ahead of you! What if …What if you can break free from being worried continuously about your health risks and shift to a winning strategy!

This program is for you if you are:

  • Experiencing stress and Lost in making decisions about your health and life,
  • Coping with cancer and is keen to change from a coping to a winning strategy; or
  • Worried about the impact of your inherited cancer gene on your future health.

OPTIONAL: A Wellbeing Guide to support your healing journey.

Further Program Details

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Wellbeing Coaching

You are stressed out, disappointed, feeling easily agitated, always looking for changing the current situation but feel there are many obstacles in front of you. Your mood swings are getting more noticeable and you want to do something about it.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Experiencing physical or emotional challenges that you want to change,
  • Coping with work, health and life and is keen to take back control of your wellbeing; or
  • Have exhausted your support resources and need to get new inspirations in transforming your life.

Dig deep beneath the tip of iceberg to discover the true self and getting access to resources not available before for your health and wellbeing! Everything in life is linked!

Further Program Details

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Get ONE free coaching session. Contact us now.

“Through her insightful and thought-provoking questions, I became clearer on my goals and identified the resources I have and actions I could take to make these happen. And the heartfelt connection I had with her during the sessions was very inspiring. It’s easy to become motivated and encouraged when you can sense that Peggie cares about you and your success. Since our sessions, I’ve implemented the ideas that I discovered with her, and these changes have greatly impacted my life in helping me accomplish goals and to even have less stress about some of them.”

Tracey Kamm

…By the end of our sessions, I emerged with clarity around my career, and even excitement about it, and so much more confidence than I expected.

Peggie is truly an extraordinary coach. I loved how she tailored her coaching to the style that worked best for me. She is truly present with her clients and listens deeply. She picked up and reflected back to me things I couldn’t see for myself but really needed to hear. The insights I gleaned from our time together have helped me see my way forward….

I recommend life coaching with Peggie for anyone searching for healing, clarity, and direction in any area of life….

Andrea Garcia


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