When Luke said, “Alright, I’ll give it a try”, Master Yoda responded with “Do or Do Not. There is NO TRY!” (The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars).  When you are setting your goals for 2021, how often will the word “TRY” come to your mind? We believe that “Try” is better than “Not Do”, don’t we? Let’s do an experiment: With one of your goals in 2021, have your eyes closed, say to yourself, “I will try to achieve GOAL xxx”. Now say to yourself, “I will achieve GOAL xxx”. How do the two lines differ? For me, it is an intense desire and commitment in the later case compared to the “try” one. What about you?

When I commit, paths to make it happen start to come to me! Options or ways to achieve it appeared right in front of me. It is like mist disappearing from my forest and seeing the clear path out of the woods. I can now focus on navigating the course and get to the next checkpoint. How does that sound to you in starting your new year journey?

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