As 2020 coming to a close, have you reflected on the commitment(s) you made that you are yet to take action(s)? And what has delayed the action(s)?

Two common reasons for delaying action(s) on commitments:

  • We are not sure of the value that it brings. We may have seen the value in others who committed to similar actions or we have reasons to believe it will bring value. We may want to increase the chances of succeeding. What are we doing to increase its chances of succeeding? We may think the value is there but how crucial does succeeding mean to us? In a recent session, a client said she is determined and committed to losing weight; I asked, “what is the one thing that you didn’t do that you are committed to doing for your weight management now?” After the session, I asked myself the same question!!! New avenues and new options become available!
  • We are scared about what we are committing ourselves to do? What if we can’t get to the end of it? Will that reflect weakness on ourselves? What if the challenges prove to be beyond our limits? Getting a conversation with ourselves can help here: What is the scariest part? And what if that happens? What can minimize the chances of that happening? After going through these questions, you may find it may not be as scary as you thought about it. And the best part is you can make it less scary – you are more resourceful than you imagined!

When you reflect on your accomplishments in 2020, look beyond the results – Include your courageous steps in doing something along the way. Celebrate the process of your life journey before you decide on your new year’s resolutions!!

Celebrate the process of your life journey – Life is a journey to experience – Celebrate your steps and learning along that journey! You will find yourself more prepared to act on your commitments in the new year!