I heard this story today which is deeply inspiring for all of us who are searching for health….

In the ancient days, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teacher challenged his students to go out to nature and find him one single thing from nature that’s not healing. The students went out and point to a few things:

  • the stone is not healing. The teacher responded: “of course the stone is healing, it’s made of minerals and minerals are healing”
  • the tree bark is not healing. The teacher responded: “of course the tree bark is healing, cinnamon is from the bark and it regulates blood sugar and strengthen immune”
  • the dirt is not healing. The teacher went on: “of course the dirt is healing, it has a lot of probiotics and helps to create the healthy gut flora..”

and the story goes on with the sunlight, the sound from nature, etc…every single thing from nature is healing “in the old days”. Nowadays, we’re very cautious about what goes on / grows on those “nature” only because there have been environmental changes that weren’t there before, there has been chemical pollution that wasn’t there, etc. Food from nature (including plants and herbs) all are vital in nourishing the entire ecosystem including humans. Hence, whole foods are our best gift from nature and the most healing to our bodies! Not the processed food where you can’t even tell what they are made from nor the synthetic drug that nourished your health (that wasn’t designed by nature!)


  • 石頭沒有療愈功效。 老師回應:”石頭當然有療愈功效,石頭是礦物質,礦物質可以幫助療愈啊“
  • 樹皮沒有療愈功效。老師回應:”樹皮當然有療愈功效,肉桂就是樹皮,它不但可調節血糖,也可增強免疫力。“
  • 污泥肯定沒有療愈功效。老師說:”污泥怎麼沒有療愈功效,它有很豐富的益生菌,幫助身體建立健康的腸道益生菌。“