Today is the 7th day of the Year of Green Horse and hence, it’s also “Everyone’s Birthday” today. Despite today being everyone’s birthday, it IS YOUR UNIQUE birthday as everyone of us is Unique! We are all unique in how we see the world through our eyes and our experiences! No one else have gone through your experiences in the way you had!
Have you ever had conversations that you didn’t get the response you expected? Have you ever been misunderstood? and Have you ever felt that it’s hard to understand somebody? That’s all because we are all uniquely beautiful! Every single moment in our life becomes part of US and those moments are all special for us.
How about “standing in somebody’s shoes” then? It can help sometimes but it is still not the same – as each of us have a very different pair of glasses in viewing the world. “There are no facts, only interpretations!” by Friedrich Nietzsche says it all.

So, on this unique day of your birthday: Happy Birthday and enjoy every day of your moments!